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OK, so now you’ve built your website and you’ve made it look beautiful. But that was just the first step. The second step is where the real fun begins…making money online with your website. This step can be quick and easy…or can take a while, depending on your strategy.

Selling yourself online is far easier and more effective than you think. The internet has created the perfect opportunity for you to promote and sell your skills, products and services to people all over the world.

People are selling themselves online in a variety of ways. The internet has given us tools to do this in a way we couldn’t have imagined years ago. It all starts with your website — your presence on the web. Your website becomes an extension of you, a place where companies can find out about your skills and what you offer, and where you can promote your business to new clients.

Here are some of the ways you can boost your income with a website:

Get Your Next Job

Whether you are looking for a full-time position or your next freelance client, an online resume or portfolio can help you get better results faster.

With an online resume you are not limited to one page. You can highlight your skills and success more fully – allowing you to sell yourself to potential employers. While it is unlikely they will find your resume through an online search – you can include a link to your online resume from any of your application materials.

In addition to a resume, you may want to include a portfolio. You don’t have to be an artist or designer to promote yourself with a portfolio. You can also include case studies, or charts and graphs that detail how you have helped former employers (or clients) improve their business.

Blog posts can also highlight your understanding of key job skills needed to succeed in your next job. When a potential employer is considering you for a job, your blog should show up near the top of the search results and can set you apart from the competition.

Generate Leads

Generating leads with your website can be a great way to market yourself and drive new potential clients to you. Whether you are a freelancer, business owner, lawyer, accountant or consultant there are many great reasons why you should be using your website to drive traffic to your site.

Even if you don’t have your own business, you can also use a niche website to generate leads and sell them to local businesses. Generating leads for your business online can be a tedious job, taking countless hours to find the right keywords and continually optimizing, measuring and improving. If you already have a website that is getting traffic in your niche then you can save local businesses the time and effort by selling them leads you collect from your website.

Scheduling Appointments

Imagine having a website that actually converts visitors into appointments with your sales team. That’s the dream, right? Setting a goal like this requires an effective lead generation and appointment setting strategy. But if you put the right promotional pieces in place, it is possible to transform your website into an appointment-setting machine.

As with lead generation, scheduling appointments can be done from a successful niche website on behalf of other businesses – a service which you can offer that will save them a ton of time and effort trying to build and market their own site when they would prefer to run their business.

Selling Your Own Products

One of the most used marketing techniques that any business can utilize is to sell its own products. Whether you are an offline business or create digital products, selling your own products can be the most lucrative way to make money online.

You can also connect with other website owners and offer a commission for recommending your products to their visitors through an affiliate program. There are a number of companies who can help you create your affiliate program as easy as filling out an online form.

Coaching Services

Become an online coach. Online coaching is one of the fastest, most scalable ways to make money online. If you have a niche expertise or are just very knowledgeable about something many people are interested in, you can leverage that to get paid for the work you love to do!

Many people feel like they need a little more than they can get from reading a blog or watching a video. They want to have a chance to ask questions and get feedback on their efforts. Whatever your niche, once you have a bit of a following you can offer to coach your followers for an hourly fee. You can connect online through virtual meeting software like zoom or Google hangouts.

Online Seminars and Courses

You can save yourself some time by scaling your coaching to work with groups through online seminars or courses. Creating an online course for your blog can be a massive step towards increasing your income. The great thing about online courses are that once they are created you can run them over and over again and continue to get paid each time.

The long-term nature of an online course also helps establish a relationship that can lead to more trust and sales for future products or services.

Speaking Presentations

You can turn your content marketing efforts into an income by becoming a speaker and charging a fee. Having a professional looking and easy to navigate website will show potential conference organizers that you are dedicated to your professional development.


A lot of people online are scared to sell themselves. It is not easy to convince others (and also yourself) that your services are worth hundreds of dollars per hour or more. In many cases you can change that by starting small. Do the things that seem possible and you can build your confidence until you can pursue any of these ideas.

The important thing is to get started and to keep going.

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Karen Freeman-Smith currently makes a full-time living from a small portfolio of websites. She has 25+ years of experience in programming and web development for companies like Lockheed Martin, PBS, Daimler and many others. She has a BS in IT with a minor in Business Systems Analysis. Karen lives near Portland, OR with her partner, two grown children (in and out of the basement), and a cats: Havoc and Shiva.

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