Get Started with Content Creation: Writing Your First 10,000 Words

getting started with content creation

Get started with content creation before you do anything else with your new website idea. More than half the websites I started died quickly because of writer’s block. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new idea: Domain names are cheap. Writing Content is hard work!

So how can you avoid a website that goes nowhere?

Start writing before you buy that domain name. It will take about 10,000 words worth of content to make a successful niche website. So to test your idea, let’s start writing. Spend a day or a weekend and see how much you really care about your topic. If you can’t get past writer’s block then you can save yourself some time and money and move on to the next idea.

Do Some Research

Get started with your content creation by researching your broad topic. You want to write a blog about roller skating? Then let’s check out Google and find out what’s already online.

I’m using a couple of plug-ins along with my search: SEOQuake (showing keyword difficulty)
and Keywords Everywhere (showing trend data and not currently pictured – suggested keywords.)
Both plug-ins are available free and may help in your keyword research.

The general trend seems to show an increase in interest in roller skating over the past year. I like the trend.

I’m also making note of the local results for future reference. There may be an opportunity to review local skating rinks or create a directory for skating rinks. It will take a little more research and since this is not the best content to begin a blog with I’m going to put it on the back burner for now.

Get Started with Content Creation Using Common Questions and Snippets

Google snippet results
Snippet results: high on the Google results you will find common questions and their answers.

It looks like a lot of people are interested in the health and fitness benefits of skating. You will want to write a few short posts to answer these questions. The more answers you look at, the more questions will appear. Keep looking until you find 10-15 that you can answer and write a short (at least 300 words) answer for each. With a little luck, this will get you half-way to your 10,000 words.

The best way to get Google’s attention is with these short posts. They may win you a snippet or two as well as get you a top listing for some “long-tail keywords”.

Related Searches and Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer phrases that people search for. You can click on any of these suggestions and scroll to the bottom of the page for even more ideas about what people are searching for.

related search terms
One example of long-tail keywords can be found at the bottom of the search page
where Google recommends related search terms.

The list you see is far from complete, but it gives you an idea what long-tail keywords are. There are obviously fewer people looking for these terms, but that is why they it’s easier to get a top listing. On way to get your website recognized by targeting a few pages toward these smaller groups. The smaller the “niche”, the easier it will be to start getting traffic.

more keyword ideas from keywords everywhere plug in
You can find more ideas with the terms from the
Keywords Everywhere plug-in.

When you look through these lists, can you find a couple topics you can write a longer post about?

  • How to Choose the Right Roller Skating Shoes
  • Roller Skating for Exercise
  • The Benefits of Roller Skating
  • Roller Skating vs. Rollerblading

With 1500-2000 word posts these topics could round out your initial content and give your blog or website a more complete feel.

Get Started with Content Creation: Beyond Words

If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words – How Much is a Video? Keep in mind that not all content is written. Photos and videos are also content.

I’m assuming that if roller skating is your topic of choice you must be a roller skater. Can you get some photos or videos of you skating? You could create an entire category just to show off your photos and videos. Both photos and will enhance your website and help your SEO. You can also use them for social media promotions on Pinterest or YouTube.

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